Sony teh Haxxorz?


In light of the new developments and failures that completely expose Playstation 3’s copy protection, many wonder how long it will take to affect software sales a-la PSP (which has seen Dreamcast proportions of failure in terms of software sales).

It appears that PS3 is even following the same path as PSP’s updates- within weeks they are bypassed with Sony playing catchup and blocking accounts and systems. This is similar to what’s happening with Wii homebrew, but with far less consequences than all the bricking and NAND corruption Nintendo is notorious for.

Most media outlets outright refuse to have the word “hack” or “homebrew” even mentioned on their sites, much less the inpact on the industry.

So what do you think-is PS3 doomed to repeat the same cycle as the PSP scene? Can they find a way to combat new threats effectively? Why or why not?