Epilogue: Redeath

Hello, Daniel. By the time you receive this message, I will be someplace where you can’t contact me. That’s the way it should be, really. I discovered something on my last mission. I’m obsolete now. I’m not learned in the modern battle tactics that have developed in the years since I last walked in this city. The fighting should be carried out by the newer agents now. Hikaru is a fine example. She’s the perfect replacement for me. She’s even better than I ever was. Take care of her, Daniel. She’s a treasure, and in the days to come, she will often be the only one able to stand against your enemies.

As for me? I really don’t know. As soon as I revive my sister, I think we’ll simply take our severance pay and go off to some far away country. Perhaps we can travel to Japan and learn some of the arts that Hikaru is so skilled at.

Don’t worry. I am always and ever will be an agent of the Carrington Institute. My duty will always be to protect and preserve the innocent. That won’t change wherever I go. And who knows? Perhaps one day, I will find myself able to return to active duty.

Only one thing is clear now. I need to think about all that has happened. I need to reorder the life that has been destroyed in the past nine years after I discovered what I really am. Hikaru has you. I have only my sister.

So it’s time for me to disappear for a while. Good-bye, Daniel.

This is Perfect Dark, signing out.

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