All Xbox 360 and PS3 games are suitable for British audiences

but at least one Wii game isn’t. That’s right. Manhunt 2 is banned in the UK. Gone. Caput. Nowhere to be found. You can’t buy it if you’re accompanied by an adult. You can’t even buy it if you are an adult. The government knows you can’t take it.

It should also be noted, by the way, that Manhunt is also coming to the PS2. But I thought my opening was a little more eye-catching. After all, how many games for the Xbox 360 have been banned in the UK? How many games for the PS3 have been banned? Well, the kiddy little Fisher-Price Wii has one now. The PR people must be drooling right now.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch Requiem for a Dream followed by a double dose of Intimacy.

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  1. Nintendo and Sony banned the game in its current form. They don’t allow AO-rated games on their systems.

    So Rockstar will probably delay the game and tone down the violence.

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