YouTube the way Wii are meant to see it

If you have the internet channel on your Wii, you deserve to go right now and add to your Favorites list. In fact, go ahead and do it right now. Go on. Walk over to your living room, turn on your Wii and do it. I’ll wait.

If you’re reading this in the library or at work or something, I might as well explain that WiiToob is YouTube formatted for the Wii. All the buttons and text are enlarged and redone to make it all very comfortable viewing on your TV screen. The videos themselves look ok although it becomes very obvious how low resolution they are. I still very much prefer it to YouTube except that WiiToob unfortunately does not do that thing where it displays other related videos after the one you’ve selected is done playing. Maybe they’ll fix that later, though.

WiiToob is not to be confused with WiiTube which is some kind of community based site. I hear it’s pretty good (Joystiq blogged about it), but as far as I know, it does not give you access to the entire YouTube database.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch low quality rips of Ultraviolet in 11 segments.

5 Replies to “YouTube the way Wii are meant to see it”

  1. Ultra Violet, why are you forcing yourself to see that garbage? ;-p

    Go watch the series Firefly or something.

  2. Wait. Firefly’s on YouTube?

    Which bastard is pirating that one-of-a-kind series? Tell me now so I can hunt him down!

    (but actually, the reason I mentioned Ultraviolet is it’s one movie that I know for certain is on YouTube in its entirety)

  3. Oh, I don’t think Firefly’s on Youtube, but I bet you can see it your PC.

    And I really disliked Ultraviolet, I preferred Aeon Flux, which felt like a cheap copy of Equilibrium.

    I wanted to compare those movies to Serenity, but then I realised the series is much better than the movie. =)

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