Microthoughts on Wario Ware

In keeping with Wario Ware’s general theme of bite-size mini-games, here is a list of thoughts and impressions on Nintendo’s latest party game in no particular order.

1. Nintendo is definitely on drugs.

2. Why did drinking water make that guy grow hair out of everywhere?

3. I pulled out a nose hair and a banana flew out?

4. The song from the dancing mini-game is stuck in my head.

5. If Wario’s so evil, why do all his friends appear so wholesome?

6. Disco dancing kittens? Seriously?

7. Yes, hula hooping with the Wiimote really is as embarrassing as you think it is.

8. In many ways, the sword fighting mini-game is what the sword fighting in Red Steel should have been.

9. Developers need to stop making us unlock multiplayer modes.

10. Sometimes “The Discard” doesn’t seem to work properly.

11. You do not want to mess with a samurai defending his lunch.

12. Playing Star Fox by tilting the Wiimote actually works pretty well.

13. Does Nintendo have a nose fetish?

14. Mmmm…nothing like a snack of grated cell phone to warm you up on cold winter nights.

15. Seriously. They’re onto something with the dancing mini-game. Konami should get on it.

16. The poor lovestruck football player…

17. “It’s-a-wii, Wario!” That was just painful.

18. On the other hand, playing with his mustache was very reminiscent of Mario 64.

19. My friend commented that some of the skits really would work better with voice acting. He may have a point there.

20. Cartoon graphics look fantastic on the Wii.

So yeah. Go buy the game. Unless you have no friends. And when you’re going through the multiplayer, make sure to give your friends a chance to play too so they can get some practice in.