The SIXAXIS won what?

When I saw this from, to call my reaction skeptical would be an understatement.

The PlayStation 3’s Sixaxis controller has been honoured with an award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 has also picked up the CES Best of Innovations Award for 2007, PC World’s 20 Most Innovative Products Award, Sound and Vision’s Editor’s Choice Award and a Digital Innovation Award from the Digital Entertainment Group.

This smelled just a little bit, so I did a little digging. As to the PS3’s awards, it did in fact get an “honoree” award at CES for best innovations award of 2007 which you can see here. On the other hand, CES hands out honoree awards like candy. The PS3 did indeed win a place on PCWorld’s most innovative products list, but it was #16 out of 20. The Wii, incidentally, was #4. I haven’t tracked down specific links for the other two awards from Sound & Vision and Digital Entertainment Group, but when looking through their articles, it appears that they are more concerned with media entertainment (i.e. the PS3’s Blu-ray functionality) than gaming, so perhaps their awards are understandable.

Which leaves us with the Emmy. Apparently, Emmys aren’t just for TV shows any more. At first, I was thinking the same thing you may be thinking: “The SIXAXIS won an award for innovation? What innovation? Slapping half-assed motion sensing onto a 10 year old controller?”

But then I found this report from GamaSutra which tells us that the only other videogame-related nominees for any category were the PSP Xross Media Bar and GameTap. In a field like that (the Wii was apparently nowhere to be found), I guess I can understand how the Academy could be convinced to give an award to the SIXAXIS (at least they’ve heard of it).

But still…something smells.

Update: Well, it appears my skepticism was justified because the NATAS says it wasn’t the SIXAXIS which won after all. It was the Dual Shock that won. Seriously, between all the gaffes by Ken Kutaragi and Kaz Hirai and their disastrous attempt at a fake blog to promote the PSP and now this, I think Sony would be justified in just firing their entire PR department.