Where Have You Been?!?

Yep. I’ve been missing in action. I needed to take some time to figure things out.

You see, my episode recaps just weren’t working. In order to get them out in a timely manner, I would have to spend a lot less time and thought on them, and that’s just not the way I write. Moreover, for some episodes I just didn’t have that much to say. And finally, I just plain don’t like some of these shows, and it’s a little wearing to write about them. I’m doing this all to practice my craft, after all.

Arrow has been a mess since the beginning of this season. I’ve often written about what a mistake it was to kill off Sara Lance, and it didn’t help when they brought her back as a hallucination in order to essentially say what the viewers are thinking (that Laurel is terrible at being a superhero and that Sara didn’t have to die to put her in the role). The storylines have also been a complete mess, and it’s all too obvious that the writers start with the end result and work backwards from there. Thus, Laurel will become the Black Canary, all logic and suitability for the actress be damned. Oliver will end up working with Malcolm and alienating his friends regardless of whether that actually makes sense. And Thea’s opinion of different people seems to switch every episode.

Meanwhile, Agents of SHIELD continues to demonstrate that only hard-core Marvel fans should give a toss about it. The characters are still poorly sketched out (nobody really cares about the agent who died). And this current plot is an attempt by Marvel to get us to care about the Inhumans even though there’s nothing about them that’s particularly interesting or noteworthy (the Inhumans are similar to the X-Men except without the relevant social commentary. There’s a reason most of us can name several X-Men but can’t name even one Inhuman off the top of our heads).

There just isn’t much joy in writing about these shows, and if you really want timely recaps for them, there are other places to look. So I’m going to stop. For now, the shows I review will be The Flash and Gotham with occasional commentary for other shows if I see something interesting to say. And I’ll also be reviewing iZombie. Look for a preview coming soon because I have been reading through the original comics that the show is adapted from.

And I also want to get back to reviewing games, so this new schedule should free up a lot of time for me to do that. I’ve got a few in the works that should appear in the next few weeks.

But first, let’s talk about a tech announcement…

The next PVG theme – Fruity

Why do I keep returning to food themes? Well, because of our slogan. It would be a shame to let a nice slogan like that go to waste.

For future reference, this post refers to a theme with a fruit banner across the top. Hmm. The font is a little big, isn’t it.

Edit: Ok, I’ve shrunk the font a bit and fixed those pesky database errors. Let me know what you think. And don’t ever let me upgrade this blog again.

The next PVG Theme – Simple Recipes

To be honest, I’m not sure I’ll keep this theme even if you guys do end up liking it. However, it seems like an appropriate theme for this time of the year, sos I’ll let this one stay a while. Plus it gives me a chance to use a slogan from the days of yore when Nintendo was losing, Britney Spears was a virgin and Mr. Spawn was just Jesterspawn.

For future reference, this post is about a theme with lots of burlap and pictures of pie across the top. Let me know what you think.

The next PVG Theme – Fast Lane

Unlike some people (looking at you, Andy), I don’t feel the need to change my blog’s theme every other weekend as the whim suits me. However, the current theme has been around long enough that I feel it’s time to try out something different.

If you don’t like the current look, don’t be alarmed. I’m going to be going through a number of different themes and paying close attention to your feedback. Just post a comment on the post for the relevant theme.

I’m getting my themes from here, and if you happen to see a theme you like, let me know and I’ll try it out.

This post is for comments related to the theme “Fast Lane.” In case you’re reading this much later, it is a predominantly red theme with a banner of streaking cars across the top.

On vacation

I’m going away tonight to Missouri, the home of the brave and land of…well, lots of land. My Wii tells me the weather will be nice and snowy over there, and I’m not sure how much of an internet connection I’ll have. Expect my posting to be sparse-to-nonexistent until next Tuesday.

At this time of year, you shouldn’t be reading videogame blogs anyway.